Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Free Classical Music Download

Alexander Street Press is offering Chopin's Polonaise in F sharp minor, Op. 44 as their free classical music download of the week on their Website. Every two weeks, they will offer a complete work from their Classical Music Library. To stay up-to-date with the most current offering, you can link to: http://alexanderstreet.typepad.com/music/

Classical Music Library Free Download of the Week: Chopin's Polonaise in F sharp minor, Op. 44

From the Alexander Street Press site:
"The Polonaise has its origins in several Polish folk dances. By the eighteenth century, the stylised Polonaise used by composers had acquired its defining characteristics: triple time, moderate tempo, repetition of rhythmic figures, and a lack of upbeats. Chopin was the greatest composer of polonaises and the Op. 44 Polonaise is one of his best.

Composed in 1840-1, Op. 44 begins to break down the strict ternary form of the earlier polonaises, and anticipates the later hybrid Polonaise-fantasie.

This recording is performed by France Clidat, piano. "

Download this work through May 8, 2008 at: http://musicdownloads.alexanderstreet.com/promo

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